Infusing flavours
Infusing flavours
Infusing flavours
Infusing flavours


At The Smoking Barrel, we specialise in manufacturing, sourcing and supplying a wide array of casks and barrels. In addition to the traditional oak barrels we have adapted our range to include chestnut, cherry and hybrid barrels.

Along with newly-raised casks, we also stock various used, reconditioned and refill barrels as part of our commitment towards the 3 R's: reusing old and forgotten about barrels that could benefit with some love and care, reducing the unnecessary waste of good quality wooden barrels that could still serve a purpose and recycling old barrels.

We offer these as decorative and promotional pieces to anyone from homeowners requiring rain barrels or planters to retailers for authentic point of sale displays. Increasingly, the hospitality and architectural industry has discovered the aesthetic attraction of such casks.

As an interesting and unique extra feature, we can provide quality barrel branding and laser etching on all our products. Choose everything from a few short words, to phrases, sayings, poems, a logo. We are only limited by your imagination.


Our oak casks are manufactured from seasonal oak on average 24 months in the natural elements. Crafted to your particular specifications, with regards to the toasting or charr levels you require. A choice of American, French or Hungarian oak in addition hybrid casks are available.

French Oak is by far the most popular ageing oak, particularly when it comes to premium wines. The flavour compounds are more subtle than alternatives. While American Oak imparts more flavour, with wine experts often noting flavours of vanilla, coconut and dill.

Hungarian or European Oak, however, is considered by many to be a midway point between French and American oaks and it is better suited to full-bodied wines. This, experts believe, is because the wines are robust enough to hold-up against the nutty, richer flavours imparted naturally from the wood.

The standard capacity ranges between 100 and 500 litres.


Our new chestnut barrels are raised from seasoned chestnut and finished to an array of specifications.More traditionally chestnut barrels were used for pickling, vinegar making in-addition to brewing lambic beer, predominantly in Italy, though they can also be utilised for storing and ageing finishing whisky. A more pours wood than the traditional oak. Allowing a more rapid extraction of flavour now a valued infusion asset, in many industries.

At The Smoking Barrel we have found that our decorative chestnut barrels are particularly popular within the retail sector for unique displays at point of sales and in shop windows etc. to name but a few uses. A great alternative if you are looking for something a bit different.

Our chestnut barrels come in a variety of capacities from 20 to 500 litres.


The small pours within the cherry wood reflects positively on the casks contents. The increased rate of oxygen diffusion into the aging wine has a significant effect on color stabilization, as well as the phenolic composition of the finished beverage. A popular choice for fruit beers and Italian wines.

As a more porous wood than many of the alternatives, it enhances the extraction process while releasing additional aromas of the fruit berries. Generally used for finishing red wine, fruit beer and whiskey.

Refill barrels

As part of our commitment to our recycling program, at The Smoking Barrel, we have a variety of different refill barrels to choose from, which we ‘source-from-source’ from an array of locations across Europe and the United States.
Each region offers their own speciality: Spain- Sherry, France- Cognac, Italy- Moscato, USA- Bourbon.

Refill barrels are an ideal option to add extra dimension and character to your product.

Mini barrels

A class apart, each receiving the same timeless process as their big brothers. At The Smoking Barrel we offer a wide range of mini barrels.

Within the distilling industry, mini barrels are often used for rapid ageing spirits such as whiskey/Whisky, gin and brandies thanks to their ability to increase the wood-spirit ratio. Equally impressive for infused oils and vinegars. A popular promotional tool at tasting events and shows. When first impressions count, these are a class apart.


In yet another part of our ongoing programs, The Smoking Barrel is pleased to offer a reconditioned cask service.

After spending many years, hidden away in cellars throughout the world, we felt it was time to breathe...or pour new life into these beautiful pieces of craftsmanship. We are careful when reconditioning barrels to remove the residue left behind while preserving the infused wood. The combination of the previous fill with freshly toasted wood over a traditional fire gives a truly unique and complex finish to each cask.

Used barrels

Many of our barrels & casks started life long before us. On average each barrel is 80 years old when it starts its new life in the drinks industry. Chances are it’s over 100++ when it comes time to retire!

Yet another part of our commitment to recycling and becoming more eco-aware and eco-friendly, The Smoking Barrel is pleased to offer used barrels, as a way of giving back while celebrating gorgeously hand-crafted barrels which radiate charm and mystic sometime with a checkered past!

Barrel branding

At The Smoking Barrel, we offer more than just barrels and all related barrel paraphernalia. We understand the interest and uniqueness a barrel can add to a home or business.

Barrels can add instant character and old-world charm. These are incredibly unique, practical and effective marketing tools. Barrel branding is a completely bespoke service where you can include a logo, text or phrase. Stand out from the crowd with branded barrels.

Decorative barrels

We believe that barrels have many more practical functions than traditional ones of ageing, storing and transporting goods. The expert craftsmanship that goes into making barrels and casks in the first place, they can equally make, for very interesting decorative and functional objects.


Accessories come in an array of sizes and components. Each industry, each to their own. In addition to the most common components, we supply drivers, rivets, pullers and shims. Most items associated with cellar maintenance available on request.