Infusing flavours
Infusing flavours
Infusing flavours
Infusing flavours


The Smoking Barrel offers a wide range of wooden casks for sale, including oak, chestnut and cherry. In addition, we also sell refill barrels, mini barrels and reconditioned casks, as well as a full range of accessories and decorative pieces. Take a closer look at what we have to offer by clicking through to our product list.
Should you require an item not listed? Just ask, we might just have it in stock.



Take a look inside a working cooperage, where a tradition, centuries-old skill is still applied to raise our casks. Our team of 17, each apply their own skill and craft to create truly hand-crafted casks. Browse our image gallery to see the transformation from Bark to Barrel.


The Smoking Barrel

The Smoking Barrel offers a wide a varied ranger of traditionally manufactured barrels and casks. With its central location in Tilburg, The Netherlands offering pan-European & International continental exports.

The Smoking Barrel a family-owned company founded by Mick O' Driscoll in 2006. Since its formation, The Smoking Barrel has become an internationally recognized company spanning multiple industries. Our diverse clientele and our ability to meet changing market requirements has attributed to our success . With over a decade of pioneering & innovation success will continue to supply, essential transforming element, to our valued customers.


‘Voice of the customer’ is a key attribute to our continuous development. We are proud of our innovative approach to producing a selection of high-quality casks with various finishes for our customers. We strive every year to produce an exclusive 'Coopers Select Barrel' that pushes the boundaries beyond the traditional offerings.

The know-how

The team at The Smoking Barrel bring a wealth of experience and professionalism to the industry. We’re a combined workforce spanning over 255 years, a true testament to the skill and craft. Each team member brings their own unique touch of craftsmanship and mystique to the finished product. We pride ourselves in preserving such a dying trade, employing only traditionally coopers to strengthen our team. If it ain't broke, don't fix it – as the old saying goes!

White Cooper - made as straight-sided open casks to hold water, milk, butter, cheese and coal.
Dry Cooper made casks for dry goods such as tools, fruit, vegetables and seeds.
Wet (or ’Tight’) Cooper made casks for long-term storage under pressure- beer, wine, spirits.
Dry-Tight Cooper – made casks for goods where moisture/air needed to be kept out e.g. flour, gunpowder, fish, tar and oil.

Target Market

In recent years, decorative and promotional barrels have surprisingly become two of the key markets we target as a business. We strive to meet the increased demand for promotional and decorative products by manufacturing more of these highly customised pieces for our customers, both old and new, whether commercial or non-commercial.